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Largest Drone Station

The V-Station can welcome up to 24 drones, including a full ground control area as well as a clean energy compartment.

Clean Energy

On demand, we are able to provide on-grid or off-grid with hydrogen and/or electric and solar panel solutions.

Ground Control

We provide drone-agnostic unmanned traffic management to track and declare flights according to local regulations.


Seamless connection between stations and drones ensure safe communication of battery status and location, while guaranteeing autonomous landing operations.

Carry out your drone missions by fully relying on EVA’s best-in-class infrastructure

Just like the car industry was able to fully thrive through its infrastructure  – the drone industry will thrive through EVA’s Vertical Stations.

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A company like no other

Here’s what urban mobility experts, investors, customers say about us:

 More than Leaders, Builders!

EVA has the privilege of being led by true international professionals while constantly striving to expand its team with the right combination of experience and passion.

Olivier LE LANN

After launching Tesla in South-Korea, Olivier brought his profound international experience to launch EVA, to connect the world one vertical station at a time.

Olivier Journet

Graduated from Polytechnique and Stanford, Olivier Journet has more than 20 years of international experience in aerospace engineering and was helping startups to execute their industrial strategy before joining EVA.

Executive Chairman of the Board
Dr. Till Becker

Dr. Till Becker is a former board member of Daimler. A successful investor in startups, he brings his international service to accelerate our growth.

Advisor for Japan
Nicolas Villeger

With 25 years of experience in Japan and large experience including the role of Vice-President Asia Pacific at Tesla, Nicolas is an expert in successful market entry in the archipelago.


Tell us more about your drone project and we'll tell you how we can support you!


We design the best station according to your needs; customising its energy source, drone hub size or control area!


We customise and deploy your stations in record time while providing full support on the ground!


Through live data and customer feedback, we're helping you to expand your business to a whole new level!

Easy & Simple - We deploy the station that you need!

Our aim is to lower your operational cost per drone flight. In order to achieve this, we will carefully take into account your needs and will present you immediate configurations and support for your Drone project!

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