62 cities

The era of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is already here with 62 cities already committed and we are launching our solution through different cities such as Toulouse, France or other smart cities in Asia and America.


EVA won the world selection for the top10 startups at AutomobilityLA, the final of CleanTech Open France, the 10000 LaTribune startups competition,..


Did you know that an air taxi solution is 10 times faster than a car during traffic peaks or that a X01 is 10 times cheaper to operate than a helicopter?

Discover why EVA is leading the world of eVTOL technology

Safe and secure

Safety first! With multiple redundant ducted fans, secured communication channels and EWIS level electric harness, safety is our everyday concern.

Talent magnet

Our R&D center is in Toulouse, France at the heart of the Aerospace Valley. From there we bring in the best-in-class aerospace engineers to work on breakthrough and disruptive technology.

Patented Tech

We pay a lot of attention to patents and have developed unique systems and tech to foster a new era of compact VTOL.

Regulated by EASA / FAA

As a new aircraft category emerges, we work closely with EASA in Europe to give our inputs and abide by the new rules. We follow the FAA recommendations with the same attention.

World Presence

Los Angeles, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Hamburg, Doha, Paris, San Francisco,.. we are never too far from you and can expand our solution faster.


We open our eVTOL platform technology to the leading tech in AI, 3D mapping and other applications to accelerate the 3D mobility rise.


Our X01 aircraft can land on only 107 sqft (10 sqm). With its folding wings it requires a minimum level of infrastructure for cities.

Dual Battery

Developed in collaboration with the CEA, EVA has developed a unique dual and customized dual-battery structure to optimize flights in horizontal or vertical mode.

Full Carbon Structure

No cheap materials in our aircraft, we work with outstanding suppliers to bring you the best aerospace materials for a safe flight with extended range.

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"I think it will happen faster than any of us understand"
Dennis Muilenburg
CEO, Boeing
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