Launch of the worlds largest drone landing and charging station

December 3, 2019
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December 3, 2019 EVA

Launch of the worlds largest drone landing and charging station

We are very excited to announce today the launch of the world’s largest drone control, landing and take-off and charging station. We call it the Vertical Station.

It allows up to 24 drones to land, deliver their payload, charge or swap batteries and take-off. The Vertical Station comes with a full ground control capability managed through a large 55 inches touchscreen. Its energy is provided through a grid connection, UPS or Fuel Cells. It has been designed to be dispatched anywhere quickly to always be where the drones can land safely or where it is most needed.

Are you drone ready? Are you a city and want to manage the drone logistics revolution to remove traffic from the streets and make your city more efficient at wero additional cost for the city? Are you in a government that wants to create a full 3D logistics solution at a country level? Are you already operating drone or VTOL deliveries and need a solution for charging and hosting, get in touch with us at or meet us at Amsterdam Drone Week or in New York State this week.

EVA is on a mission  to connect the world one vertical station at a time, enabling drone logistics all across the globe, as we thrive to make urban and rural point-to-point deliveries more efficient and sustainable. Through a network of our stations, we will facilitate a fast and seamless landing, charging and dispatching experience for various drone operations.  Guaranteed by EVA’s approach to open the system of charging and storage facilities to other drone companies; in the long run we can ensure a logistical network of high-efficiency, fluctuation and coverage. Our Vertical stations aim to provide a modular, deployable hub for the operation, service, and maintenance of a fleet of airborne vehicles.

For the first time, our Vertical Station was officially placed down by the harbour during Lisbon’s famous #Websummit2019 and we couldn’t be more excited about the turnout!

Stay tuned for more – we may position one of our next stations somewhere close to you in the near future!

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