We open a third dimension in our cities

Our Mission

We dream of a future in which anyone can fly anytime, everywhere with no traffic stress and pollution. To open a third dimension in our cities EVA develops a disruptive and cutting-edge compact electric VTOL technology.
Our technology shall improve people’s life with less stress, less pollution and even advanced rescue capability.

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return
Leonardo DA VINCI

Premium Design

We believe that design shall not be opposed to performance. Our team works hard to offer an efficient yet beautiful aircraft.


Within a few years our sky will see autonomous VTOLs carrying logistics or people transportation missions. We work actively to make this happen through the power of AI.


We see our eVTOL technology as a connected platform. With your smartphone you will be able to book an air taxi, ask for a parcel delivery and open its secured container.

Our Team

Olivier LE LANN

Chief Executive Officer

Olivier oversees the firm’s business including sales, marketing, business development, and communications. He highlights the company next to investors and authorities.


Chief Technology Officer

Olivier J. is in charge of the all technological aspects and angles of the firm, overseeing its accuracy and development. Combining years of experience with an innovative mind-set, he supports EVA’s visionary approach on every level.


Head of Design

Ramees leads our aircraft design since day one. Passionate about aircraft design, he brings a totally new vision of urban air mobility. He knows that there is no great tech without great design.

Mitsuru HONDA

Chief Financial Officer

Mitsuru is the Chief Financial Officer at EVA, being fully in charge of all financial and investorment relations.

Isabel NACKE

Customer Success Management

Isabel guarantees the seamless communication with partners, collaborators and clients of EVA, whilst making sure that daily company operations run smoothly and the firm moves forward on a constant pace.