We build amazing products

We're a fast growing company looking for talented individuals who can help us make mobility better.

Why come work for us?

At EVA every day is different from the day before. No boundaries on imagination and creativity, we develop an awesome eVTOL technology, a new mobility frontier where you do have an impact.

Company perks

Flexible schedule

What binds us together is our passion for what we are achieving, while we pay attention to have a core time together, we know that some work better in the morning while others prefer evenings.

Work from Home

We are global from day 1. Our head of design is based in Qatar, our CFO in Japan. So we know how important it is to be able to work remotely. There are constraints of course and for this we really cherish the time we spend together.

Paid Holidays

Working at our R&D center in Toulouse comes with 5 weeks of paid holidays and 11 public holidays. What else?

Open Cafeteria

We are too small to have an open awesome cafeteria yet, but we know the great places to eat together such as the airport food truck. Eat there and you can meet engineers from hyperloop TT or Easymile.

Free Shares

We do not consider you as an employee but as a partner. We are all here to make it happen, your hard work deserves a reward through the company value increase.

Be a star

At EVA you will not be gazing at entrepreneur stars such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. You are given the opportunity to lead the charge of urban air mobility.

Work With Us

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We are looking for our sales director for the Valkyr. With an experience in drone or light aircraft sales, you know how to build an awesome international sales pipeline and will focus on the customers which showcase how revolutionary is our technology. This includes  medical, logistics, data and other pilot cities for 3D mapping.

Want to help us open a third dimension?