Compact autonomous eVTOL developed to execute various missions in the LIFE-segment

Disaster Response

As our planet becomes more and more densely populated and exposure to natural disasters has become a frequent threat, the technological improvement of electro mobility allows a new industry to address and solve this problem. EVA has focused its vision and efforts on addressing the LIFE segment – which includes healthcare, rescue and disaster prevention.
Our goal is to establish a more thorough and effective forest fire monitoring system and the improvement of prevention measures. For this purpose, we fly in swarms to collect data through our LIDAR and thermal cameras attached to the aircraft, which allows us to deploy a number of activities. Additionally, we could offer forest data management solutions through an artificial intelligence and analytics platform.


We ensure a proactive identification of hot spots through the usage of dynamic thermal cameras. This way measures can be taken even before a fire ignition is triggered. Additionally, we send daily reports with collected data to the forest owner, which can carry out inventory and provide valuable information about its forestlands.

Alarm System

Once an aircraft has identified a hotspot, its artificial intelligence system automatically sends out an alarm with a precise location to the desired station or triggers a call to ensure that fires are reported and extinguished before they can cause damages.

Drone Search

Our mobile ground station guarantees that a number of VALKYR aircraft are available, charged and serviced at all times. In the event of a fire outbreak, our drones can perform ad hoc drones search flights, enabling them to detect trapped humans and wildlife in the affected area. Operating in controlled fleets allows us to quickly cover a significant area and ultimately help firefighters to be more effective in their operations.

Rescue Missions

Through the usage of LiDAR Sensors and Thermal cameras, our drone missions can directly engage in the search for trapped or injured lives, post-disaster.
Especially in hard-to-reach or blocked areas, this can serve as a unique asset. In places with small-to-zero infrastructure like Slums and Ghettos, we aim to increase the potential of identifying trapped people or animals.

Delivery of Critical Goods

The shortage of essential medicines is increasing worldwide, adding costs to health systems and risks to the health of patients who do not receive the medicines they need. Opening a third dimension in our world, EVA is developing a disruptive and cutting-edge compact electric VTOL technology to tackle this problem.

Our technology aims to improve people’s life by reducing medical deficiencies, pollution and provide new, advanced rescuing capabilities.
Our vision is to provide a comprehensive solution, including a ground station that can store, charge and deploy up to 5 VALKYRs simultaneously, as this infrastructure is often not yet given in critical areas.

Medical Delivery

Unexpected changes or fluctuations in demand can lead to shortages of medicines, especially in high-risk areas. Our aim is to provide a quick, reliable and non-polluting solution to ensure medical accessibility in critical locations. Additionally, we can provide a more cost-effective substitution for expensive inventory stock-ups, by providing critical medication on demand.

Secure Logistics

We have developed an advanced battery management system that differentiates between vertical take-off and horizontal flight for a greater range; a large payload volume which proxies its stowage from exposure to wind, rain or extreme temperatures. Through 1h of autonomous flight, no pilot needs to put him/herself in danger when going to difficult-to-reach populations

Fast Solution

As our ground station can be transported on a conventional vessel or truck, without any extensive setup of infrastructure required, it can hence quickly be moved to where it is most needed. The payload of our eVTOL can weigh up to 20kg, and therefore allows for the transportation of medical supplies and blood vessels; but also of food, blankets or clothes.


Having developed a seamless product offering from Aircraft + Vertical Station, EVA enables it to operate as a fully functional, self-sufficient logistics service from the first day of its launch. Even in countries with less developed infrastructure, our seamless combination of aircraft fleet and loading + storage facilities ensures smooth operations, which gives us a strong competitive advantage.