A class of one unmanned eVTOL for safe, efficient and max payload missions


The Valkyr embeds best-in-class AI and navigation sensors to achieve its main missions.

A class of one

The Valkyr has no equivalent solution in the world. With 26 ducted fans it is way more stable than a classic drone and can carry safely payloads to their destination.


Delivering parcels in its safe container, monitoring sensitive locations such as harbors, transporting urgently medical material. The Valkyr meets your demand.

All Electric

The Valkyr can adpats its battery packs to your mission. No need to carry too many battery packs if you have short range missions only.

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Impressive Specs

2 meters x 1 meter, folding wings, 24 ducted fans, 10 kilos payload, 1 hour max autonomy, max speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The Valkyr has recieved requests from all around the world.

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