Ultra Safe

We apply redundancy and fail safe systems at every level. Our 26 ducted fans, our flight control algorithms, our communication tools are all redundant. The X01 electrical harness is as developed as on an Airbus A380.


The X01 was born from a simple thought. It is 6pm, the city traffic is jammed and I have an appointment 10 miles away in 10 minutes. Therefore the X01 was designed to land on a parking slot (2 meters x 5 meters). Its folding wing architecture allows an effiicent and battery-friendly safe travel.


Book it with an app, step in and it will fly you seamlessly from point A to Point B. No need for a pilot, it is fully autonomous with its lidars, radar and multiple cameras. Our control center is always connected and backed by best-in-class unmanned traffic management.

Zero Emissions

Our advanced dual battery solutions and capability to charge on the current infrastructure removes not only traffic from the ground but pollution from the air..

Born for cities

Inaudible from the ground when flying at 300 meters altitude, extremely stable with its multiple ducted fans and advanced flight controls, safe and secured the X01 releases traffic from the ground.

Rescue Mode

Besides air taxi missions, the X01 can accomplish ultra fast rescue requests. Its compact size allows a landing in tiny areas where helicopters cannot go. The X01 remote control capability and advanced sensors can rescue people and firemen trapped in wildfires.


We do not need to fly fast in cities, the gain of time is already tremendous at only 40 miles per hour as we fly directly from point A to point B. However for rescue mission the X01 can fly as fast as 190 miles per hour.

Low Altitude

Our cruise flight will operate at a recommended altitude of 1,000 feet. No need to fly higher to limit the vertical phase. In addition we recommend EASA and FAA to use this ceiling for Urban Air Mobility corridors.


We foresee many markets to be addressed by the X01: Air Taxi, Helicopters missions, Logistics, Hospitality and Tourism,..

Creative Platform

While many see it as an aircraft, some see it as a platform for the future. AI and 5G are just 2 applications that we plug on our X01.

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